Welcome to Camp Anderson Labradoodles

Casper at two years three months.

We breed F1B standard Labradoodles at Camp Anderson, in Northwestern Oregon in the Chehalem Mountains, where my wife and I live with our two Labradoodles, Hersey & Roxy, on 10 acres of Christmas trees.

We raise the puppies in our home.  Every day they are held, cuddled, played with and generally treated like princes and princesses.  They all are named after our children, their spouses and their children so we can remember the names.  Boy one, girl one is so impersonal. Besides its fun to compare the actions of the puppies to their namesake.


We have owned dogs all our lives and decided to breed standard size Labradoodles because of their intelligence and gentle dispositions. 

Roxy's 10 puppies were born June 23, 2007

Our puppies come with a two year health warranty.

Email contact:  fred@andersonlabradoodles.com